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If you're visiting the island for the first time, you might decide to ask around for suggestions on what to do during your stay. Most locals will include in their list of suggestions: Secret Beach.

What Is Secret Beach?

Secret Beach isn't that much of a secret anymore now that most people know about it, but its name plays more of a homage to its location and how very few people access it. It's most commonly frequented by tourists but just as much as Belizeans that aren't local to the island.

What Is Secret Beach?

Secret Beach is a secluded location that's located in the far-north-western side of the island. It's about an hour drive from San Pedro Town and is really only accessible by golf cart.

Things to Do At Secret Beach

Due to Secret Beach seeing an influx of development over the past few years, there are several restaurants and bars in this area. The beach itself is "divided" into two areas. Upon arriving, you'll notice a sign to your right that reads "Secret Beach." This side of the beach is home to the larger bards and restaurants and is commonly referred to as the "party side" of the beach. If you decide to go left, this section is more relaxed and tranquil. You can find palapas in the water where you can sit down and enjoy some food and drinks. There's also some over-the-water bouncy houses further down the beach at Blue Bayou. There is no shortage of activities, food or drinks, if you do decide to visit. Also, since Secret Beach is on the west side of the island, it makes the perfect location for watching sunsets over the sea.

How to Get to Secret Beach?

Secret Beach is a few miles out of town and requires driving through unpaved roads which makes for a really bouncy trip. If you're renting a golf cart, then it shouldn't be too much of an issue to get to Secret Beach, but just know that it will be a long stretch of bumpy roads.

Is Secret Beach Worth It?

Given its popularity, most will say that visiting Secret Beach is a must-do when in San Pedro. If you have the time and would like to visit some of San Pedro's most stunning beaches, then make sure to spend a day or even a couple hours at Secret Beach.

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